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You didn’t know everything 
what I went through in my past 
before I met you, 
in my childhood days 
I through many dark times, but I was in my positive mind 
I didn’t feel anything around me, 
I was a likable person 
throughout my childhood days 
at the beginning of my high school days, 
I was like that for 3 years 
I was just like you 
in my final year of high school days 
I had anxious thoughts running through 
my mind, 
I had trouble with sleeping at night 
I was worried that I won’t have 
someone to love me, 
I was just like you, 
I started to have family responsibilities 
from the age of 9 1/2 years old 
I become busy from the age of 14, 
before I had met you 
I was just like you, 
I took the bus by myself 
I had taken 4 classes 
while being busy with family responsibilities, 
the first time I had met you 
wish I could tell you the truth, 
wish you could think before 
you broke up with me, 
I understand you were busy 
with your personal life, 
I don’t blame you 
I know your life is hard for you, 
I understand what it feels like 
you’re not alone 
I know what you need from me 
is not my fault that I have transitional anxiety 
make me can’t move on with my life, 
you told me before 
I can't rush you into eating different foods 
you can’t rush me to move on with my life 
Dear ex 
I had loved you 
ever since you told me 
about your childhood past, 
ever since then 
I still remember it by heart 
nobody can do that 
you need someone who 
can take care of you, 
you need someone who 
experiences and understand you need someone who makes 
you feel comfortable 
my life is different from yours, but I also had the same experience 
and understand you, 
Dear ex 
wish you understand is not easy 
for me for your sake 
wish I understand is not easy for you 
for my sake, 
all I wanted was for us to compromise 
for our emotional and mental health needs 
instead of being hard and strict on each other. 


  • Jan 13, 2022

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