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Ever since I was born 
I had a few support needs 
than other peoples, 
I do depend on my mom 
with things, I can’t do 
when things are hard for me to do, 
mostly I’m independent and prioritize 
my support needs 
on my own, 
I do need routine 
to know what I need to do 
during the day and also at night, 
I feel calm in a way 
to regulate my negative emotions 
when everything in the world 
become very overwhelming, 
is not weird or being a childish manner 
May I ask you a question
Do you have experience with a child? 
have you ever felt like everything is on you? 
have you ever cried when you think everything 
get overwhelming for you? 
do you ever want someone to make you feel comfortable that you want to be childish around them 
if you experience like this 
you know what it feels like for your child, 
and know what it feels like for your teenage genders 
they’ll need your support needs 
to feel connected, comfort and being loved 
being hard on them, 
they prefer not to grow up that fast 
they prefer not to be an adult all the time 
this is life 
they’ll support needs to be just like you 
as an adult in their near future 
this also includes people with disabilities 
can you just be kind? 
can you just be nice? 
can you just not be hard on us? 
we’ll want to survive in this world 
without harsh reality 
that make us feel attacked 
child, teenagers, adult 
they’ll also need support needs 
you don't see that
what they need in life


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