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O N E    N I G H T

Girl ,You Are Exquisite.
You Summarise Every Beauty That Exists.
You Feature In The Lines Of Monalisa And Queen Nerfetiti .
And Your Voice Is Sweet ,
Like The Piano Played In Jazz ♪
I'd Drive Safely With You On The Passenger Seat Of My Tazz 
Singing Like A Nightingale 

Girl I Want You,To Just Give Me A Night,
I don't promise you the world...
But Heaven On Earth
I Wanna Make You Pull That Deep Breath 
I Wanna Take You To The Climax From The World's Depth 

Girl I Can Make You Feel So Good Inside
     all It Takes Is One Night
I  Don't Want You To Me Mine
I Want You To Give Me A Single Night 

Shut The Door And Turn The Lights Down Low..
Come And Wine Upon Me Under The Sheets 
Let's Show This Winter Who's Queen & King 
Your Feet Surely Need A Massage
Rest Them Pon Mi shoulders,
You won't fall 'cos I'll hold Yuh 
Let Me Rock You Till The Sunshine Come Over 
Let Me Rock You Till We Wake Up The Neighbour 

Small Waist ,Pretty Face And A Well Shaped Butt 
Girl You Are The Kinda Car I Wanna Drive 
I'd Say That I  Wanna Keep You ,But
I'm Afraid You'd Say It's All A Lie 
So Let Me Make You Feel Irie Inside 
All It Takes Is One Night 🕺



  • Feb 02, 2022

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