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It's all going overboard and my mind keeps on racing 'cuz I ruin every single chance I get. I don't ever let the truth come out, never even told my true best friend. It's getting harder, the scars are barely a reminder 'cuz the way I black out when trauma occurs makes me wish I actually don't exist, 'cuz when I wake the next morn I don't remember a thing. It feels like I'm drowning, I was lost and so angry, and I never meant to hurt anyone but that's just what I did. I hold a lot of regrets, yeah, it's not just one. I'm tired of breaking down, I'm tired of running away, I just wish for once someone would fight to stay but in the end I'm left with all these mistakes I've made. I'm getting really tired and I'm staying up too late. My heart is getting heavy and now I can't seem to stand up straight. Right now I don't know if this makes sense, I've broken promises so maybe I deserve these burns. 


  • you don't deserve any burns. if this art is true, just learn from things that you regret, while appreciating that you did all thinking its best and not from the evil within. its not easy for an art lover to be evil but we make mastakes. Actually we are not good at all in real life. Our priorities are queer if looked against what the world relishes. However, we deserve happiness like anyone else. Resolve within yourself to be happy without measuring yourself against the ideal, or bothering about what the world thinks. Not many artists or deep thinkers quite get to life this life as in their mental plot.

    Jan 12, 2022

  • Jan 14, 2022

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