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Once again, I'm here at the crossroads.
I want to get better;
Yet these voices keep telling me,
"You're as worthless as they all say."
"Do what they said after you said you can't live without them and do yourself in, it'll make everyones lives easier."
"Your friend has a nice gun collection, ask him if you can hold one, load the one bullet you own, aim up but slightly down, the noses bridge right at the tip right into the brain."
"Slit your throat."
"Stay under water, don't come up for air."
"Kill yourself, kill yourself, kill yourself."
It's so hard right now.
I can't even count anymore;
The times I've sat here with my own knife to my throat. 
I'm truly sick, I know,
This place, has me knowing, for the most, time may never truly heal, and maybe, I don't deserve to. 


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