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G O O  D B Y E

I never thought we'd live to see this day,
Where the brightest star in my universe would slowly fade away.
They say things someday will be fine,
But I'm Weary of waiting for my moon to shine.
The Butterflies that you gave me ‽
Are slowly dying and running away from me.
I've been feeling the moon is lonely tonight,
At my realisation,it gave me a bit of a fright.
Hey ! My sun,you failed to light up this moon,
I'd love to find you in another life.. hopefully soon.
I wanna feel happiness again,but you are gone 
It is for our love ,that today I sit here and morn,
The flames we shared together..‽
Are now burning me. I thought we'd last forever.
•Just like the deep sea,I love you,
But I'm slowly drowning, because of you.
We watched the sunrise together, happily,
But At The end, I'm gonna watch the sunset individually.
Let the sky cross our path again,
So that we'd avoid any more pain.
Let's stop hurting each other anymore,
You'll find the one,and that's for sure.
This is the last chapter of "our" story,
And I'm thankful,rather than sorry.
•They say "unity is strength" but separation makes us stronger,
Until our next eclipse again ,my moon. I can't stay any longer.



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