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I think her nights were not too calm
From many a dream plain on her palm
And still her days had little rest
Gallons of sweat and blisters spelt
Her love for us - her vivid dream
Plain in her palms.

She'd hunted far 
And gathered wide
To sow for us and plant in us
And hoarded little for herself
When many hunted for their own  
Stock filling grains,  hay for their dusk
Forgetting that old teeth do fall.

Her zenith was her time to bask
At peace with God for waters past
As her sun set and calm she slept
Neath a warm glow from tonnes of love 
With countless gallons soothing balm
Flowing forth from her olden sweat
While her kind watched from crumbling barns
Rolling grains dry, through toothless jaws
Stale seeds of old they should've plant
Wishing they too could harvest flesh


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