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There's a quote I once lived by

"Life is what you make it" but why

Hard to get into that old state of mind

When everyday trauma forces me to deal with the damage left behind

Stopped asking for help I know people don't wanna hear me whine

They don't understand why I'm crying

On the inside is pain that's worse than dieing

Never asked for any trauma, abuse or neglect

In my life that's almost all I knew and now the reasons I have left

Standing tall in a moment of time when I knew respect

Life I always would think of the tiniest positive to make it better

But now I'm unable to even fake that positive in a letter

My heart can't hide the anxiety and pain I have anymore

I used to be the best at acting like I was strong but it was always a chore

Exhausting me to my core

Always running to help others but not myself I can't even help now

I've lost my movitvation enough to be shocked like "damn wow"

Down to the most sweetest part of my soul

Can't believe what I've been told

So I argued to fight for my beliefs

Only to have nothing to show for fighting through all my girls and mines griefs

Cps are living, manipulating thief's

Tearing apart families and giving unfixable trauma to their victims everyday

Leaving the brain and heart with damage that won't ever go away

I know from experience I fight inside the wreckage left behind

Lost people I love the most by being hard to understand and handle

Do people really think I'd chose to be a victim to their scandal

Lies upon lies the workers create and tell

And say a parent is unfit because they fight or yell

To stand up for their rights only to be punished severely

I am telling this whole heartedly and sincerely

Missing my children dearly

Getting by each second merely

When all I want is to have them in my arms or right here near me

I wish I could tell them the truth and how much I love them but now they can't even hear me

So now I think the quote

"Life is what you make it"

Is a way to just make someone shut up because people think their pain is fake and a joke

As I sit here writing this with grief welling in my throat about to make me breakdown crying and my words choke


  • Jan 16, 2022

  • Mar 19, 2022

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