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No you can't have my number
No you can't have my...
Matter of fact you can
My name is uninterested 
Uninterested in your games
Uninterested in your lies
Uninterested in your manipulations
Hitting me with the lines 
You are so beautiful 
Yes I know I am
You have a gorgeous smile
Yes I do

Heard it all before
Different name
Different face
Same lines
Same lies

No you can't get to know me
You're only here for a good time not a long time
So I'm not going to waste my time 
I'm not going to waste my breath

My heart needs a break
Put back together 
Time after time 

So no you can't have it
It will never be my heart you want 
Only my body

You will not get either
My body will be wrapped up in a blanket
And fancy clothes

And my heart will give its love to
And my work children 

So no you can't have my number
Yes you can have my name


  • Jan 11, 2022

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