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Didn’t know everything about my childhood 
my mom told me 
I have interacted with people, 
my communication wasn’t that great 
people didn’t know how to communicate 
with me, 
I didn’t have many friends 
ever since I was a baby 
as I went to elementary school
That was when I had many friends 
I was like other people naturally 
without masking my disability, 
I had experience liked by peoples 
ever since I was a child 
My mom’s best friends liked me due to 
how polite I was and how kind I was to them 
as I came to the beginning 
of my teenage years, 
I was liked by my teachers 
and classmates 
wanted to be my friend 
I take family responsibilities 
at the age of 9 1/2 years old, 
I become an adult in my teenage years 
at the age of 14 
I do things without authority’s help 
knew what is my role as a good student 
I used to have a very tight schedule 
as a high school student, 
the final year of my teenage years 
wasn’t that great 
I was feeling stressed and trapped 
I felt unhappy in my teenage life 
I wanted to be free from all of this 
restart my new life 
you have understood by me 
why you have to think I don’t understand you? 


  • Jan 11, 2022

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