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People only like me 
because I listen, and 
I do things just like them, 
I was the person people 
love to see 
they like when I know 
how to control what I behave 
they like how good a student I am, 
they saw how kind I am to people 
they saw how cute I was 
they saw how good I was behaving 
they treat me well because of that 
including my teachers, 
they were amazed at how good a student I was 
they wish I could stay like that 
that didn’t last long, 
my personal life and teenage life 
it makes me weak in the knees 
growing pressure is on me, 
while being independent and taking responsibilities at school and family responsibilities at home 
it’s crashing down me, 
I wasn’t aware people cyberbullied me 
I wasn’t aware of many negative and positive 
experiences around me, 
I was unloved and unappreciated 
I felt stressed and trapped 
I came home feeling helpless, 
only be loved by my family but 
never been loved by a person before 
nobody knew what it feels like 
only one person understands me 
that person used to be in my love life 
you're the one who understands me 
you’re the only one who knows me 
you’re the person who experiences 
same as I do, 
I know what it feels like for you 
the truth is I understand you 
through my heart 
nobody understands you from within your heart. 


  • Jan 11, 2022

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