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Nice to meet you?
What's your name? 

You were just another person, but after five minutes you became someone so special.

Without speaking nor touching something in me ignited although in your eyes it was getting late once I saw them I forgot about the time.

These days by your side I learned that there is no determine measuse to study love; it's something deep with no logic, explanation, or reason in the heart. 

Good evening, nice to see you, there is no one else is around and after this time together I can no longer look [go] back.

You spoke to me, you touched me and you became my mirage; I want you to be the owner of my heart.

Come in my hours, open your arms and hold me tightly.

Come in my life, the door is open because
I know that in your arms there will be no deserted nights.

Come save me now; I started out by missing you and later I began to need you here.

Come in my house, no need to knock; make me feel safe because I know that in your arms there'll be no loneliness.

Just stay beside me, I'm begging you; I started out by missing you and later I began to need you with me.


  • I rated this a while ago, nice to see the repost and it's still a great read.

    Jan 12, 2022

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