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I’m like my mom 
I do or said and think 
like an adult, 
I’m an independent and responsible person 
I’m like my dad 
I do or said and think 
like a child, 
I love to cuddle and feel comfortable 
when I feel growing pressure on me, 
I’m like my ex-boyfriend 
I do have repetitive behavior 
I love to have my morning and evening routine, 
I love to do things a certain way at a certain time 
I love to have a tidy and clean house 
before hanging out with people 
I love to plan and know what we are doing 
I’m interested in people ever since I was born 
and throughout my life 
I have anxiety and insomnia, 
due to new changes in my life 
I’m just shut down from the world 
I’ll feel hot and annoyed 
when people don’t give me a chance 
to help out and rush me into moving on 
without explaining what is going on and 
being emotionally closed off from me, 
my special interest is being curious about 
people’s lives and want to connect and understand them better, watching a documentary to understand people better 
I love to sing ever since I was a baby 
I’m just like people in my life 
I accepted them as who they are 
not from the outside
I accepted them as who they are 
from the inside. 
I know how life is hard for them, 
I know what it feels like. 


  • Jan 09, 2022

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