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How nice is to wake up, open your curtains to see how the crimson sky greets you, as you walk out the door a cool breeze awakening you.
5am is here and the sun rays touches your skin, word of the morning: its a wonderful day to feel alive. 
Hit the store grab a coffee or something warm, wow it smells so fine
Breathe in and out, look up at the sky be grateful to be alive.
Let the warmth of your drink hit your body; savor the taste and thank it for the energy that it's giving your body.
6am while waiting for your transportation greet your neighbor respectfully, it's good to be social, but let's not forget distance it is pandemic time after all πŸ˜·and πŸ‘‹ 
7am punch in starts work, I'm lucky I have work, may not be the best but it's good enough.11pm break time go out let the afternoon sun hit your skin.
Word of the afternoon: thank you sun, the earth is alive because of you. 
Breath in and out grab lunch and go back to work.
3pm phew! I finished my task
Time to go home.
3ish 4pm take off your shoes, put dirty clothes in laundry room shower,
Let's get rid of all the nastiness from outside.
The water is cold, well it's good for the pores too much hot water can dry you, this is my favorite shampoo and conditioner oohhh my hair feels so soft.
Put house clothes; old clothes are still useful, look at that hole mmmm what if I cut here tie here let's see what I can make, haha not the best switch! let's patch it with this and see what we get ? better
Jacket/hoodie time
Go to the store buy food, cook,
Get inventive !
Today is chicken tomorrow, it's fish and next time it's meat, etc anything you wish
Put ornaments your plate, treat yourself, be proud of what you did, yeah its not professional, but it sure looks tasty.
5pm go runing in summer time, snowball fight/ build a snowman in winter, picture time picture πŸ“· πŸ“Έ in spring, admire the leaves falling as you walk in autumn.
Get creative, start projects, be artistic, laugh at your mistakes, they may not be the best but they were fun to create and if theye were not oh well now you know what not to do.
How about that dance move that you want to learn haha I look like a worm but lets keep that machine moving! Butty butty shake! moving my head but not my body, wine up and down, step 1 step 2 so on this is fun.
9pm catch up time( homework, analyze what you did that particular day, etc)
It's good to revise your action both good and bad after all we all have flaws
Let silence fill you with peace, meditate.
make bed,it looks so nice and comfy, so lovely to lay on
Wash up,
This warm water feels so good, and the body wash smells so good yes! I needed this.
I feels smooth.
The towel may not be brand new but it's useful; there! nice and dry, almost like no water touched my body.
Cream time! I'm smelling great
Ooo la la look at those legs not 100% smooth, bumpy like an orange peel but still looking good.
Put pajamas on
They are so comfy, feel so warm, make my butt look nice mh me like this silly dice time.
ooo look at that face with no make up on, so plain and beautiful !
Tomorrow I'll try this lipstick and ooo this color and this one too wait no no this one is so much better how about I experiment with this and this oh yes! And put this on I will rock this look out watch me world, I'm ready to rule the world Wa!ha!ha!ha!
Word of the night: the wind sounds like it's whispering scary trees are probably saying boo! I tell ya boo! Oh well sleep time.
10pm set alarm clock and sleep time.
My bed, sheets, pillows and room, just enough to feel happy with what I see. Me like this it'll give me sweet dreams.

Lesson of the day: Enjoy the little things of life, when they're gone they'll be the one that are missed the most.


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