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A tired man comes to his house and finds his wife upset.
He greets her with a "Hello my love"
she responds: "Today you're sleep on the sofa!"
He looks at her and without saying a word he carries her in her arms 
Astonished she says to him: What are you doing silly man! ?
he responds affectionately: "Today we are sleeping on the sofa or is it that perhaps you thought that I would sleep without you?
Tomorrow we can talk about the reason why you're upset however tonight I just want to sleep next to you ".

65% of the time problems appear daily.
Be ingenious at the time of resolving an argument especially if it's meaningless.
Have goals/ make up your mind every day to start as a couple, be it not go to sleep upset, never sleep apart, etc.
Allow the need to be hugged together until morning make you forget any misunderstandings.


  • Jan 09, 2022

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