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"Congratulations".....Cheers went around the table full of some of West coast finest in the LA underworld there to celebrate BJ on his most recent accomplishments. Thanks everyone for coming out...Please, have a seat he smoothly stated as the crowd took their seats awaiting his speech. Everything going on around us is only become possible because of everyone that now surrounds us. "Loyalty is underrated" so have a look around, take a look at rareness in it's purest form and let us pay proper respects to the man up stairs for bringing us all together. I love each and everyone of y'all BJ proudly beamed out at the crowd as he slowly raised his glass... "A loyalty" loyalty, loyalty, yeeeah!!! And just like that the crowd was on its feet music begin playing and the party was in full swing. That was BJ Trust remembered thinking smiling up at this great man who she had been betraying. How did things come to this she thought as she caught a glimpse of Paco BJ's right hand man and best friend smiling at her from the shadows...Ugh!!! She shivered at the thought of his slimy hands being all over her body the night before, she didn't mean for things to get so outta control she was just tryna get back at BJ for stepping out on her with her best friend, so Paco catching her in a vulnerable state took advantage of her and she had somehow became caught up in a deadly affair with no way out. She tried to break things off with Paco but he threatend to expose her, she was trapped, what's more she recently found out the slimy bastard was a rat and had plans of setting BJ up and taking over. She had already convinced herself that, tonight after the party she would come clean and tell BJ everything about her affair with paco and her suspicions about his greasy  activities. "Hey you" BJ said walking over and snapping Trust outta her trance... You ok babe? I'm fine she reassured him as she returned his kiss. You ready he asked Tru as he then nodded to his men who instantly begins barking orders into their ear pieces, let's go BJ said leading the way outta the upscale restaurant and into their awaiting limo. After saying their goodbyes they were ushered away headed towards their amazing Malibu estate where they would spend hours drinking expensive champagne and making love to trust passed out from exhaustion. Waking up later to an empty bed trust immediately begins to panic and scream out for BJ only to receive echos of silence bouncing back at her throughout the empty mansion....Noooo! She begins crying as realization that she may be by too late slaps her. Reaching for her cellphone she rapidly begins dailing BJs mobile receiving his voice mail, please, please she sobbed as she attempted to redial BJs cell when...Boom! Get down, get down was all she heard coming from somewhere downstairs as her once quiet home became alive with yelling police officers and annoying barking k9's and floods of red and blue lights filling up her wrap around driveway. Things were happening so fast it was like being stuck in a nightmare she couldn't awake from. Mrs. King the gun-toting badge wavering white man in front of her states...I'm Agent Rodriguez with the DEA were here on authority of your honerable Lester covin with search and seizure warrants for your home in vehicles, could you please come with me he said as he extended his hands in an attempt to lead her out of the room and downstairs to wear at least 30-40 heavily-armed officers ransacked her house, that's where once outside and after further discussion with more agents she found out about the raids on BJ's businesses and the shootout which occurred just hours ago leaving multiple law enforcement officials dead as well as BJ's bullet-riddled course as he went out in true gangster form with a smirk on his face and weapon hot and smokey in his hands. Crying uncontrollably, tru fell out right at the agents feet in agony and defeat and she had just lost everything, including the best man she had ever had. Unfortunately for tru...this was only the beginning of what was to come....


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