Torrents Of Silence Read Count : 26

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In the din of your concert
I can't speak up
My voice like a  bad note will sound
Off key midst notes trained and synched
But silent I too got my tunes
Torrential flows  of songs unsung

In the grandiose of this your show
I can't speak up
Like tired yawn my lips will look
Eyesore mid cheers choreographed
And if I rise to speak up bro
Fleakey and queer my words will stand
Off script off the plot well planned
But silent I got tunes and moves
Syllables, chords in torrents gagged
And torrents of momentum stymied

Just move abit and make me room 
From wobbly clouds so heavy and low
And straining walls of dams so full
It's only me and you big bro
To tame the floods that largely loom
And seething rage that sure will burst
Blasting forth from
These Torrents 


  • Jan 08, 2022

  • Jan 14, 2022

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