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It's made of gold
No doors or windows
Made carefully to keep someone inside
Or to keep them away
Convincing myself I'm free
It's only when I open my eyes
That I see 
What surrounds me
Speaks no freedom

Half the time I scream to be freed 
Like I'm not the one who created it 
It reminds me
I'm not like them 
So stay away is the solution
Giving astronomic reasons I shouldn't fight it
It might be right 
Waking up to a wet pellow 
To meet people who make me feel abnormal
Normally I just wear that mask
Ending the day sad and broken

Ok I'm sorry that sad
Is a common denominator in my life
The voices make it worse 
I listen cause they make sense 
Look it's life 
It calls to dine 
But I don't know if I'm interested
In this game of life
Where you put in war with yourself
Given other humans as a distraction
As they offer pretence
Painted as love 
How does it end if it was real

From a distance I'll watch them love 
Each other
Laugh together
But once the spread out 
They laugh at each other 
Love made a joke 

By :BS


  • Jan 07, 2022

  • Jan 08, 2022

  • Jan 08, 2022

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