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When I had my freedom back 
at the age of 21 
I started to become more responsible
I started to have my independence 
I do things on my own, 
I took the bus to get to class 
that I take every weekday 
while being busy with another class 
every Saturday, 
while spending time with different peoples 
I didn’t have my time for relaxation 
I am always very busy, 
I had four classes I have to get to 
I have my family responsibilities 
when I’m at home, 
at the age of 23 
that’s when I first met 
a person who shares the 
busy life as I do, 
at first, we started out 
as being friends 
I knew what he had a 
massive crush on me, 
I felt scared of telling him, 
that I have a busy life 
wanted to be friends 
because I was mentally trapped 
by my teenage years 
I wasn’t thinking straight, 
while I was busy with my life 
I felt scared of hurting him and pushing him away due to my high school insecurities 
and feel very busy with my life, 
it’s better if I told him 
the truth about what happens to me 
and told him that I also have a busy life, 
my happiness was when he told me 
he has a massive crush and loved me 
nobody said that to me 
that makes me feel loved by him, 
he made me feel special 
he made me feel comfortable, 
having him in my life 
is the most happiness of my life 
I know what is his freedom & Happiness 
the truth is without him, 
I feel like I’m mentally trapped by my high school days 
I also don’t want him to feel the same way 
as I do 
I just don’t know what to do 
can we just compromise with each other? 
that’s all I ever wanted from one another.


  • Jan 08, 2022

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