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I'm Pleased To Be Alive And Healthy In Times Like These
Giving Thanks And Praises To The Father,The Son,And The Divine Mother
It Is By Their Love That I'm Alive And Not Because I Please
To Be. This Trinity Is Divine, And Sacred Like None Other. 

Out In The Streets People Die Like Flies
Where Do The Homeless Go During The Lockdown Curfew 
On Deathbeds Some Are Battling For Their Lifes
Docs & Nurses Falling Off In The Front line,We're Only Left With A Few

Churches Are Closed But Why Are Our Prophets Playing Afar?
Who Then Is To Call Out For The Healing Of The Nations?
When Will This Pandemic End? Who's Got The Radar?
Could This Be New Life For The Next Generations?

The Disease Attacks,But It's Your Carelessness That's Wiping The Earth's Surface
Togetherness Is A Must, This Enemy Runs No Rat Race. 


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