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The flower was as beautiful as one ever imagined.
Made a great part of the stem which held it.
The stem of flowers was carried in a vase,
Taken to a table where more vases were placed.
The flower was red in colour,
It came across a more tender flower which was pink in colour.
They made contact and just wouldn't let go.
The two flowers stayed in contact from dusk till dawn.
On a fateful day, the vase in which the pink flower's stem was in, was bought and taken away.
This was heartbreaking for the red flower.
The red flower lost it's joy it began to loose its beauty.
It lost its beauty to the point that no one could recognize it anymore, it became a total outcast to other flowers on the stem.
The flower lost its beauty to the point that it got cut off the stem.
When the flower got cut off the stem, it lost the life in it.
 A month later, its vase was bought along with another vase which had a flower that was even more pink in colour and it was more attractive.

You're done reading this tale? Looks childish right? Now read again and link it to the adult relationship 😉


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