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At the age of 9 1/2 years old 
I take family responsibilities 
in my teenage years, 
everything was going alright 
I take teenage independence 
I take teenage responsibilities, 
I was a good student 
do what my authorities want me to do 
I followed their direction, 
I take extra volunteering duties 
around high school
when I first met a teenage boy 
end of my sophomore year,
I got busy and felt helpless 
nobody knew I was stressed 
and trapped, 
all I ever wanted someone 
who loves me and make me 
feel comfortable,
nobody wanted to love me 
nobody ever dated me 
I had many doubts about love, 
I tried to talk to my mom 
can’t communicate what I was feeling 
my severe stress messed me up, 
I didn’t remember many positive 
and negative experiences around me
all I remember myself 
being busy and felt helpless, 
nobody knew I was stressed 
and trapped throughout my teenage years 
my mom wasn’t beside me 
when I got to my high school years, 
I didn’t know what is happened to me 
why I am so scared to tell you about it? 
you didn’t know I was stressed 
and trapped in my teenage years. 
if you knew 
wished you had just given me another chance 
because I used to feel the same way as you do 
I understand you, 
I know you’re feeling hurt by me, 
I know what it feels like for you 
the truth why, 
I wanted you badly 
it because I used to feel stressed and trapped 
in my high school years, 
you’re not the only one who feels this way 
I had felt the same way as you do, and you don’t see that about me. 


  • Jan 06, 2022

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