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I am the Angel that died by my own hand 
I swallowed my pain, 
and when it reached my heart, 
it turned into Hate. 

My blood became darker 
and my blood became thicker 
It stood still, i'll show ya 
just give me the razorblade 
In my Veins isn't liquid, they dried up 
even in darkness.
There's only hard crust. 

I'm suicidal and i deserve to die 
within a Uroboros-loop 
I'm tired of Reincarnation 
should i come back 
i'll beg the Vampires and leeches 
to Devour and suck the Young. 
I'm a characterized calculator, 
Folks will never burn me 
in the UV-lights.
You'll just become my twin-self-pantomime. 

She is the Snack, why? 
(they're trying to eat her) 
She is sensational 
(The witch of all the Seasons of the year) 
She is Christ 
(Emilius or Trismegistus?) 
She's a "fangirl' 
(No, she's beyond or whatever you say she is) 
She is the Predator of the Man 
growing in the Son 
(But that are too many words for the Sun if you'd ask her) 
She blows into the little horn 
that has been born 
(blame her Parents, that's a print on her Shirt) 
She's believing they say 
(But she loses herself in sung doubts
if she's garbage or God and Church
or a Trash-can.) 
She's artistic 
(She agrees 'cause her body's a temple 
but that ain't God since he's a black 
She's obsessive 
(No just a nerd for loves and too lazy for the apathys) 
She can only Fall in Love with People
of her own gender, 
her friend Joked, 
(and then she made fun of a Chemical Romance's name) 
She's Epic, a stranger claimed 
(She turned into the Pandemic) 
She's amazing, well you got the best taste then 
She's esoteric til she uses that as an excuse for egoism 
Someone realized too that she's a poet 
(She admitted she Made a deal with the Secret Society of the "low-art-gloominati")
That girl's imaginative, 
and she says "yes." 
She's a clever Hand-kidnapper 
and shows gratefulness 
but greatfulness only arises 
when she jumps into a pile of Speedballs. 
She's impulsive, having OCTD 
She's fun! but only when it stands in FUNeral, 
who needs fun anyway? 
She's Art, not an Artist but a fuckin' Work of Art! 
She's Sex, no, she's Drugs 
She's a tainted Love, of course! 

"Never thought you'd say that, to be honest." 
She replied as a Box talked to her by "baddie." 

(Fun in Funeral...say (it to) the whole Wor(l)d.) 

but she distracts herself from this World by creating Art, yes. 

Being Wild is being original 
Being naked is being real.


  • Jan 05, 2022

  • This, is amazing. Seriously well done. 👏

    Jan 05, 2022

  • Jan 05, 2022

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