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His figurative speaking body was enough to make anyone faint. Though he had rusted copper eyes that made every eye stare twice. His gaze was like searching for deep secrets lie in humans. His walk was straight with determined feet. 

His mind, which none Neurologist was able to understand. The chemical reactions in his brain were so intense that every doctor was astonished to see such powerful vibrations releasing from his mind. Affecting his body and turning it into what so ever scenery was in front of him. 

His intense emotions never let him be among the ordinary, unaccepting, sealed people in their bottle of emotions. 
Why would they accept him? 
Why would they let him live? When they were afraid of him, for he was not prisoned in those insecurities, in which they were!

But he made them feel home, and he persuaded them to accept they were not different from him too. 

"We are all the same, we all were born like that but the difference is, this world failed to school me. They 'People', giant people, failed to enslave me of their insecurities that they have been shifting from their ancestors from ages." The crowded audience could not even blink. They were lost in his words. 

"By insecurities you mean, our looks, our actions, our thoughts, and our talks. Right?" Evie asked.

"Yes. The only thing that arises in our mind before speaking, thinking, and taking action is 'I may sound stupid to them'. Unknown to the fact that the other person is thinking the same at that time!." He grinned. 

"But your eyes? Your body's response is completely different." Evie said.
He used to go to Evie before every show.

"It's not. In our eyes lie deep emotions, they are afraid to hide. The difference is only that my eyes don't hide gleaming emotions in them; but people have mastered to hide many, except those which either cross their limits of pain or happiness." He said.

"You summed it up so well." Her eyes were looking wet.

She was the only woman who understood him, the only hand that helped him to step ahead. The only feet that didn't tremble while stepping towards him. 

He showed up people that every time his eyes change their color, a new emotion arises in them. That every time his hands turned into a tiny leaf branch, his soul craved to dwell in nature. Every time, every time, his hands faded away was a symbol of mortality, the end of us turning into dust.

"Then why were they so afraid? These were only the realities reflecting up in me. Making them see the truth, their reality, their true selves, a path, a reminder, that everything they have come through was just a lie. The truth was inside them and they were blinded towards it. The mirror was in front of them, but the visions were not so developed to see such far."

"How will they meet themselves? If only they want to run away from me, if they get frightened. Does that show that they aren't only afraid of me but of themselves too? 
They have transformed so much that now they get shivered to see who they were."

"You (people) have gradually imprisoned yourselves in your bottle of emotions. Looking at the world wistfully; hoping that someday the world will see your inner-selves and free you. But your desire never comes true, until death, not knowing that the first person your eyes saw, while looking outside, was your own reflection!"
Concluding his point, he ended today's show and steps downstairs from backstage.

He was Owen– the well-born and Nobel; the young warrior. The Unpredictable!

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  • Jan 05, 2022

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