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When I was a child 
didn’t know if I have a dream 
my life has changed 
when I came to high school 
before I was a student, 
didn’t know I was a good student 
when came to the final teenage years
I’ve got a dream 
I would want someone to love me 
and take care of me 
be my future husband, 
nobody had loved me 
didn’t know I was mentally trapped 
all I remember myself feeling hopeless 
people pushed me aside, 
they thought I was a problematic student 
I tried to make them like me 
nobody wanted to love me 
nobody wanted to date me, 
I’ve got a dream 
I want people to like me 
if I can deal with rejection like an adult, 
nobody knew I was different 
they treat me like other people 
in a hard way, 
I’ve got a dream 
I want people to treat me 
like everybody else 
I want people to treat me 
like a sensitive person, 
I dislike it when they don’t 
treat me equally 
I want to feel comfortable 
I’ve got a dream 
I want people to love me 
I want people to date me, 
all I wanted to be loved 
and feel comfortable with someone 
who shares the same personal 
experience as I do. 


  • All I can say keep dreaming.

    Jan 05, 2022

  • Jan 05, 2022

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