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I was 9 1/2 years old 
when I started to take 
family responsibilities 
at the age of 14, 
I started to be what my teacher 
want me to be 
without her telling me, 
my school grades were not 
like other normal grades are 
I was a perfectionist and a popular student 
when I started my teenage years 
from the year 2010-2012 
I’m the person who can 
take a lot of teenage independence and responsibilities, 
they were amazed by what I can do 
they thought I can keep on being like that 
they lose hope, 
when I got busy with many tasks at once and 
rejected by a teenage boy 
that threw me unbalanced, 
I was a teenager I want to have 
the same thing teenage girls want in their love life, 
I felt unloved and helpless 
I have many doubts about love 
all a sudden, 
I didn’t expect to have someone 
who were interested in me 
and had a massive crush on me, 
I can’t hold my happiness 
all I want to show off my first boyfriend 
to everybody, 
I guess my excitement was getting too much 
I just can’t help it 
I haven't felt loved and mentally trapped ever since my teenage years, 
I wanted to be loved by you 
but, you just broke up with me 
do you know it makes me feel? 
I understand you 
I have personal experience as you do, and you’re not alone 
all we ever wanted was to be loved by each other 
even though both of my parents 
didn’t experience divorce like both of your parents did, 
but they experience arguing with each other 
I know what it feels like 
no matter we’re different 
we still have the same personal experience 
as each other it makes us understand one another. 


  • Jan 04, 2022

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