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I can't believe that you are really truly are gone for I am left here with just a few fond memories that we've have made in the very short few years of us getting to know one another creating a poker face friend/casino buddies, for now my poker face friend I am saddened by your passing as the house feels erie,as well as a lot of heartache with out your presence as well as your spirit for mom eyes filled with tears same as the rest of us but for some reason I feel that you already knew that, tonight family as well as friends as well as mom are preparing ourselves for our one final last good bye to you tomorrow to hopefully lay you in peace as for the rest of us who are saddened by your unexpecting passing. My poker face friend for I was hoping that we would had just a little bit more time before our father had called you back home for us to go to Wendover to make some more happy fun memories together which I know that you are in a much better place than what you were before you had left us here to go back home. For now my poker face friend until we meet again I can say this on the behalf of everyone as well as myself that you will be truly loved as well as missed but you will never be forgotten for you will always be forever in our hearts,Love Your Daughter In Law-Donna Ruttenbur
                                R.I.P.  Solo August 30,1947- December 26,2021
                                              Written By Donna Ruttenbur 1/3/2022


  • this is Donna's husband I just wanted to let my wife as well as everyone else know how blessed I am for having a very talented woman who had written this poem for my step dad who had passed away the day after Christmas,she had written about him and going to Wendover which my wife only knew him for five years and last year she had told my step dad that she had never been to Wendover well he had changed that the following weekend for he had invited my wife to come along to Wendover with us and they had so much fun that I can say that they had made sure such a strong bond with each other that after like the third time of my wife going,my step dad had actually let my wife Donna play his poker game on one of the machines that he had already had racked up a lot of money he had won prior to letting her play his game which when he was ready for me to take his winnings and cash it out for him he then turned around and split the winnings from the machine that they both had helped each other win with my wife which I can honestly say that the several years and times that I personally have gone to Wendover with my step dad had he ever allowed anyone to play on his machines let alone just hand them money for them to play on the poker machines with excpt my beautiful wife. Donna will always miss the trips to and from Wendover with Solo because on the way back home to Salt Lake City Utah he would always ask her how Donna doing and she would reply back by saying I'm doing okay how is solo doing and he would reply back and say I'm doing good and my step dad never liked to many people let alone trust anyone like he had my wife Donna. I would also like to say to my beautiful wife Donna how grateful and blessed on this very beautiful heart touching words that she has put together to honor the memories of the man who had became a father figure to my wife since when she had met Solo she hadn't seen or met her biological father in thirty-nine long years before being able to reunite with her biological dad in the mean time the very special bond that these two had she looked at solo as a dad figure in her life and I think that solo some how knew that as well and that's why he had such love and trust in Donna that he had with Noone else but my wife Donna. I have always loved my wife's work when she has sat down and put a piece of poetry together and has put it here in this app for everyone to enjoy my wife had even read this poem at solos funeral services so I hope that you asb well as everyone else will take the time and sit down and read the several poems that my wife has written and I hope that you all will enjoy them as well as share them with your friends and family thanks again to my beautiful wonderful wife Donna I love you with all my heart and soul. RIP SOLO

    Jan 27, 2022

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