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God Almighty....without you, I am nothing! thank you for the lessons, blessings and one-on-one sessions. Thank you for my baby's face which helped me endure as you paved the way, all my many mistakes that separated me from the fake, you may have never been right on time but you were never late, only the real will understand this...cuz only the real can relate. Id now like to take this break to give thanks to my mother, who is like none other, no expense I wouldn't cover to compensate you're struggles and many sacrifices suffered. all my sisters and brothers, I'm not just talkin blood-related, i did this shit for us...if I win then we all make it. I've been at the bottom, I come from the struggle, i deserve the bag and every band in the duffel, respects to the fans and every woman an man that had a hand in my hustle, my wivey's who like me enough to visit and write me, who held me down despite thee ups and downs the fighting the constant lonely nightingsput it on the writing I hooked you all up nicely 100% authentic urban written nonfiction, this is only the beginning more to come before i finish. rest in peace re re you will be eternally missing. enjoy!


  • Jan 04, 2022

  • Jan 04, 2022

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