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I wanna go back in time.

When I thought I was normal because all the kids had the same flaws.

Back when I would look out the car window and watch the trees reach up so high that they touched the sky.

When they turned the clouds into different shapes for me to find. 

When you could play with dolls and have them be whatever you wanted. 

Making up stories and monologs.

Watching the moon and stars. 

Eyes wide with wonder. 

I want to turn back time.

Back to when I was "advanced".

When I'd be praised for all I am.

When teachers loved me and knew I'd do great things.

Before, when I was considered gifted. 

Why can't I turn back time? 

Before all the mistakes.

When I thought being an adult would be cool.

When a car ride was a new adventure.

When I could be whatever I wanted to be.

When I believed in the world I was brought up in.

When can we turn back time to better days of playing pretend?

Or eating ice cream in the hot sun, playing in the rain on those warm summer days?

When a stick was a magic wand and the backyard was a kingdom and the frogs your subjects. 

I want to turn back time.

When school was simple with 123 and ABC.

When money wasn't my worry.

When everything was simple, black and white.

Let's turn back time. 

When it didn't matter what you looked like, or how you acted.

It didn't matter how much you made or who your parents were.

When we were innocent and living in bliss.

When we were all the same.

When all that mattered was how fast you could run in your new shoes.

Let us go back in time, and be young and innocent a little longer.


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