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I always felt there was some one else but it strangest thing is I may truly know in my heart and soul who but in reality I didn’t deserve to have to go through everything you put me through. You didn’t just leave me but you left my children as well. You played my head you played my feelings you pushed me to need or want someone else cause ur busy loving and taking care of someone elses needs you threw me to the wolfs and I’m still standing thanks to the strength I have inside me. I was never perfect but when you are in a relationship with someone u say u love don’t give them a reason to not feel loved. You did everything for me to fight with you so u would leave and it was very easy for you to do. I let you strip me from everything I ever loved and wanted you made everyone to think an feel I’m crazy and I truly didn’t help by letting you make me feel crazy you. I loved you I have all I had in me to you I bent over backwards for you while I was fighting my own self battles of addiction depression and ptsd from physical and mental abuse but the more I got better I started to see you for ur true colors. You let this person torment me cause you felt I was tormenting you and not once did u see that I wasn’t trying to you could have just told me u wanted someone else but you didn’t just cheet on me with prostitutes but with a person I called my sister my best friend. I truly thought my ex husband was the most evil person I’ve ever met but you out did him by far. You know I know the truth of everything but honestly that doesn’t really matter anymore cause this last time was by far the end you pushed me to do exactly what you did to me but honestly I can’t remember how long it has been since anyone has ever made me feel so happy and special the way you should have made me feel but Everything you did to me and put me through will never be forgotten but a lesson learned about giving to much of myself and I will never give up on finding the right person but till then I’m going to heal myself. I truly wish you the best in ur life and I hope you have an amazing beautiful life good by mi amor ta amo


  • Emit Chesterfield

    Emit Chesterfield

    who is this?

    Jan 04, 2022

  • Kay Arnold

    Kay Arnold

    What do you mean who is this

    Jan 04, 2022

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