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I will never give up! I will continue to keep living my life without you! I have learned not every one that shows love is actually a good person sounds kinda twisted I know. I have gone over and over in my head how to end all of this as my children don’t deserve this. I may have fallen but that’s fucking life and I’m going to keep getting up and I’m going to keep fucking fighting for me and my children! You may have every one else fooled but I don’t care anymore If leaving you out of my life for good means peace and freedom for myself and children but if I’m going to keep getting attracted by all means stop being a fucking pussy and doing it while I’m asleep and show ur true colors. I’m not going to be on my tip toes anymore I’m not going to be scared anymore I’m going to keep going forward in my life. And hope you and ur ghost do to. One day I will truly trust again and one day I will love the right man cause I don’t give up on what I want in life I am my mothers child I will continue with love and no fear in my heart for I’m not done in this world and u are not going to stop me anymore!! I’m done with this addiction of you as of now I’m choosing to live not die! Im not perfect and I never claimed to be I have made many many mistakes in my life and always come out with a learning experience and believe me this is one I will never relive. I am my mothers daughter!! And believe me my mother had the worst child hood she had kids cause all she ever wanted was to be loved my mother rest her soul will forever protect me cause I’m not evydone in this life I’m just getting started! With that being said I’m going now to live my life with no fear! 


  • Mostly Ghostly

    Mostly Ghostly

    This, is amazing and something I feel I needed to read at this point. I haven't believed in myself for a long time, thank you for sharing your strength.

    Jan 03, 2022

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