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I've been watching a lot of videos about how being a "nice guy" to the woman you're interested in will not help keep her interested. Now my brain is like, the fuck did I just watch, as well as I wonder if there's any truth to it. Is this why I've been single for 13 years now? Answers would be appreciated ladies and gents...

Honestly though, I feel like those videos are promoting forms of how to manipulate someone into being interested. I thought manipulation was a bad thing? I'm truly, lost in this thought at the moment. 


  • Zee Zulu

    Zee Zulu

    Being a "nice guy" to the woman you're interested in just to get her attention in hopes that she too would be interested in you is in a way, a form of manipulation, if that makes any sense at all. A genuine nice guy eould be nice to everyone, not just to the woman he's interested in, know what i mean? Hope this helps.

    Jan 03, 2022

  • Mostly Ghostly

    Mostly Ghostly

    Not really, I don't be nice to them just for their attention. Makes me think any form of anything is now considered manipulation. I am nice to everyone sadly, it's where most of my anger towards myself comes into play because I get stepped on a lot (not meant literally).

    Jan 03, 2022

  • Kay Arnold

    Kay Arnold

    Zee Zulu that makes perfect sense and that is completely true. And being nice to everyone is a good thing if a person is holding you back from being nice tords others maybe you should rethink about who’s attention you really want I’m no one to say anything as I really don’t know ur situation and there are always more to a story but always be careful to who u give ur attention to anyways best of luck to you

    Jan 03, 2022

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