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I sit here debating how to go about all of this crazy bull shit. To know how long have you been cheating on me and has it been worth it for you? I’m not perfect by any means I saw myself doing what you been doing to me but to know now how far this went and to know or see you don’t care cause if you did you’d find the person but with all my heart and soul I believe you know exactly who it is. A week ago I put up cameras in my home after I had gotten clean and sober I was working so hard for us I was growing and I was doing what u had asked of me work make money to buy a Business and I had already seen this coming my sister-in-law says I have a good intuition I just never utilize it I think I’ve been utilizing it just I believed in you I believed in us we had already gone through so much shit together after a war it’s been I thought it would have made us a stronger couple but u didn’t want me I just don’t understand that part as to why you sold me the whole world and then ripped it right out of my chest. I had gaven you all of  me every thing I had left inside me to give to u and even after this last time knowing u been with other woman I still tried to come back to you but saw how you treated me and ud makes comments but what hurt that most is how much you didn’t want to touch me like u couldn’t to even be with me. But you can get so angry over small ass crap  I find out about you only cus I know you me and when you start to lie makes me remember  everything and then i juhy just stick 


  • Jan 03, 2022

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