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Clear your mind, hear your heart, just listen for the sound. Then when it rains, look within, repeat a phrase, everyday, until you find your way. I know it's hard, and it hurts the most, when you're on your own. Don't give in, or you'll lose your way, maybe more than once, making it harder to see past fear. It's a leap, through the flames, taking all that pain, to build up something new. Trust me when I say I've not yet found my way. I'm still lost and hurt, I feel the burns, and every cut, but I finally learned that giving in can't be the only way. So here I sit, thumbing down, all this here, and I can finally say, I'm looking at myself and realizing they were right. I was stuck, in the past, hating everything I was and it's my fault how everything seemed to always have an ending before it began. So here you are, raise yourself, don't lose hope, and keep hanging on, life's not over yet. 


  • This reading gave me hope thank you for ur writing

    Jan 03, 2022

  • Rosa Procopio

    Rosa Procopio

    Thank you I needed to hear this so I know it’s not over I will truly find my way back with the help of the. Holy Spirit

    Jan 04, 2022

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