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I won’t feel so stress 
if you quit pressure me 
to move on with my life, 
I feel stressed 
ever since my teenage years 
and throughout my life, 
I have been taking family responsibilities 
and being busy 
all you do was put many things weighing me down, 
don’t want to hear any more life truth from you, 
I can be like a mature adult 
many years ago, 
my chronic stress is severe 
it makes me behave and say things 
I didn’t mean to do or to say, 
you want me to move on with my life, 
is not that easy 
my personal life and people rushing me 
only can impact me 
it will not make me, do you want me to do, 
you shouldn’t make me feel discomfort 
and now worsen it on me, 
is not my fault 
you should’ve just given me space to breathe, but you don’t, 
how can I be calm if you’re the one making it the worst on me,
I’m not the person who wanted to hurt anybody 
if you just quit weighing me down 
I won’t turn into the person 
you prefer not to see, 
I won’t hurt you 
if you and your best friends 
give me space to breathe, 
even though I’m different from you, 
I’m also the same person as you 
my symptoms have common as your 
you didn’t know I experience 
shut down and can’t communicate
with you what I truly feel, 
I’m not being a bad person 
I have chronic stress 
that I can’t control, 
I’ll talk to you when 
chronic stress is not rising 
and feeling discomfort, 
you should wait until 
I’m feeling comfortable enough 
to talk to you and reconnect with you again. 
can we do that? 


  • Jan 03, 2022

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