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My Mantras (16x) 

Heretic, i'm Emilius Christ (2x) 
I'm not Jesus, i don't call God my father in heaven
Heretic, i'm Emilius Christ (4x) 

I feel a void in my hands 
I hold emptiness in my Palms
Holes smear the message of my 
I can't roll Up a Stone or a Blunt for the Pod. 

You heard right God, i asked the Devil
If he can adopt me
So i be a taker, no consequences
Tryna dig Gold that's blood washed 
in the Sun 
Pleasures Stolen from the Annunaki
Planet X must look too desolate

Corona's a Crown 
but the mutations, they'll be 9 Crowns
the beast, hell and garden eden, 
they're the 3 and the 1, 
the Same thing, 
having 3 different names
and 3 different Outfits to wear
Religion, mythology and the Media, 
other colored, but Chameleons
Abuse is a two colored Chameleon

Satanic Rituals, you can learn that 
in rare Schools
film behind the Scenes 
of Churches or Castles
Cast a Shitstorm at Venus, 
that's Self-hatred
Scared of the sacred bible, 
written in it are Collective's judgements over our Humanity. 
You don't know anything 
The only thing you should know 
is that you're ignorant. 

Heretic, i'm Emilius Christ (2x) 
I'm not Jesus, i don't call God my father in heaven
Heretic, i'm Emilius Christ (4x) 

My faith flew through the Atmosphere
and sunk deep into the earth 
Like the Sun does at her downfall. 

Have Sex together and Kiss each other, we're Ouroboros 
the Snake of eternity 
Egyptian Symbolic imagery, 
like two goat horned pyramids 
there's a Star-gate between 
the curtains of our Mannequins. 

There's not much left to love, unless it's the Damage. 
But i need something left for me 
to wreck. 
I'm too tired to hate, today. 
Evol won't Come tomorrow.
Just keep in mind
 that the (Anti)Christ is (almost?) here

Heretic, i'm Emilius Christ (16x) 

There's not enough of me, 
to make a (Knife)-bouquet
Nobody wants to be
just another bullet-hole 
in the Exit sign of a Road.
That won't change the fact 
that i'll take all these stupid teenage
girls with me, 
i'll need them at the place 
that i'm going to tonight. 
It won't be the edge of the world...yet
Unless a knife means the whole world to you. 

Nothing is as it seems, i guess 
not even me (8x) 

The end of the World is us both 
killing each other. 
Close your Eyes and you're in star-empty Space.
Set it on fire by looking into the Sun. 
And then they knew
that they would
Visit this dead Cosmos every time 
that they would wear tired and closed eyes on their annoyed faces 
and sleep dreamlessly in their beds. 
But they were not 
losing their eye-sight, 
they were in the alternative 
of the Universe, 
when this decomposed 
and became still through its empty Stomach, and froze because of the bloodlessness in its Veins. 

Heretic, i'm Emilius Christ (11x)


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