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I have never been in a relationship 
in my teenage year 
I wanted someone to love me, 
I felt unloved ever since 
I got busy and got rejected 
by a teenage boy 
I can’t sleep and anxious thoughts running through my mind 
I’ll never find someone who
will love me, 
I have many doubts about love 
I felt helpless and unaware of 
being mentally trapped, 
I try to talk to my mom 
she tried to calm me down 
my stress drive me crazy 
I can’t take myself to breathe 
I can’t control my severe stress 
people thought I was a monster, 
this is war and not beautiful 
I was like that 
throughout my teenage years, 
thought I can get it away 
people took the rumors as 
true about me, 
they send the nasty emails toward me, 
I didn't see any of their emails, but my mom did 
my beautiful relationship 
started in the year 2019 
when I met my ex 
the very first time, 
he was the person 
I wanted to tell the truth 
I feel scared of telling him,
he wanted me to tell him the truth 
I was afraid of him breaking up with me, 
I should’ve told him 
what happen to me 
before I met him, 
I just can’t let myself to 
if he gave me the chance 
to explain, 
before he moved away 
he would give me another chance. 


  • Jan 02, 2022

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