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Remember harmful words,
things they said,
I wish I never heard,
breaks me so much,
rips new scars which weren't there.

Not sure what they want,
how can I be enough,
they always want more,
I give and give but all they want to do is take,
one day they'll be nothing left of me.

They want me forever,
I won't always be there,
I'm not a personal therapist,
I'm trying to heal myself,
why won't they understand.

How can I live,
if they don't want me to,
I feel so suffocated,
like I'm drowning,
from this new anxiety I feel.

I wish to be saved by my love,
begged them to help,
they promised they will,
in a few months I'll be with them,
they could silence the echoes in my head,
of conversations long ago.


  • I love this. 🤍🖤

    Jan 01, 2022

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