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Why do you think 
telling the truth 
what happen to me
is it like garbage? 
the truth is what 
make our history experiences 
to understand what other people
many people have walked in 
another person’s shoe 
we know what other people 
are thinking and what they’re feeling 
do you think that is garbage? 
that’s called empathy 
if you think empathy and history experiences 
are garbage 
then why do we have the same historical experiences as them? 
whatever we feel in our past 
is the same thing as another person was feeling 
this is not garbage 
we’ll have empathy, and we’ll highly sensitive people without realizing it 
you might not know we are 
because it is not what people can’t see
it is inside us, 
we were born and never know why 
that occur 
that is a human science and can’t be 
we’ll have God within us 
our soul and mind are just like God 
including people with disabilities 
other people feel scared of being manipulated 
by us,
that’s why society limited us 
make us feel like we’ll underneath the dirt 
don’t let it shine like sunlight out in the world we live in, 
We’re not society garbage 
we’ll humans, we’ll have in common with you 
don’t make us feel like 
we're the trash to throw us away, 
we’re not the trash, we’re not recycled
we’ll humans with historical experiences 
and real emotions just like you
can you treat us like other people? 
that’s what we’ll want in life 


  • Many improper uses of we'll, great thinking though, definitely catches how people consider others garbage.

    Jan 01, 2022

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