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On my first day in high school 
I was a new, hardworking, likable student 
all of my teachers and classmates 
amazed by what I can do, 
I do things without my authority’s help 
knew my role as a good student 
I have followed the rule and do what 
my teacher wants me to do, 
I have been doing my duties as a volunteer 
as a cafeteria helper 
I help them with organizing and make sure 
foods and drinks were in the proper spot 
and make it perfect, 
I have been doing my duties as an administrative taker 
I help the students with their attendance 
when are they going to be absent for their personal issues at home or family emergency, 
I have been doing my duties as mail assistance 
I organized and sorted mail into the right teacher’s Mail Slot 
I helped teachers with their student’s graded papers 
I saw one of my high school friends were 
a teacher assistant, it makes me what to 
be a teacher assistant but didn’t know 
what they do,
until I had a massive crush on a teenage boy 
when he rejected me 
my severe stress was going out of control 
I can’t hold myself together 
that was when many positive and negative experiences started to happen around me, 
I wasn’t aware of that 
all I remember was being busy and feeling 
wasn’t aware I was mentally trapped 
without realizing it 
I see my family as a responsibility with my younger brother 
I started Bellevue College, 
in the year 2017 
that was when I got busy 
I took the bus by myself 
to get to class every day, 
I celebrate my birthday twice 
one at school another at home 
I was likable as a college student 
I was busy going to 2 different colleges 
one college in everyday weekdays 
another college on every Saturday 
when I first met my ex, 
the very first time 
I wasn't ready to be in a romantic 
I felt scared of telling him the truth 
what I was experiencing and what 
I was feeling 
because I knew what is in his mind 
and know what he was feeling 
from my experience that is how 
I understand him, 
no matter I knew about his past 
know about his current situation 
even he told me about his future, 
even though I can’t access 
where he is living now, 
but I still can access his past and 
his difficult situation when he was with me 
even I know his current situation 
it not because I want to avoid moving on 
it because it impacts my well-being 
and now there are nothing that makes me change again. 


  • Muhammad Sajid

    Muhammad Sajid

    lik a writer u are

    Dec 31, 2021

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