Repeat The Thoughts As Many Times As It Takes Read Count : 52

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I have to move forward.
I have to let go. 

I can't build anything new if I keep hating myself for the past. 
I can't fall in love again if I keep holding on.
I can't keep degrading myself when things go wrong.
I can't keep giving into the anger that's buried.
I can't be impatient.
I can't keep expecting them to talk all the time.
I can't keep being a broken record. 

Be patient, it will come.
Don't stress anymore;
Don't give into the darkness again.
Don't over speak or over step boundaries.
Don't give into the feeling that you'll forever be alone.
Don't overthink, breathe deep.
Be present, but don't reach unless reached for.
Give your heart a break, not another heartbreak.
Be you, be undoubtedly, you.


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