REVENGE OF THE DARK KNIGHT (Book#01, Chapter#04) Read Count : 17

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Fantasy
As we alll know that the second side of the planet was fully freezed and there was nothing instead of ice and snow. So when thunderex and frozera went there they know what should they will do here. Frozera flew in the sky slowly and reached at the top of clouds. She closed her eyes and putted up her hands. Her body was started glowing and some water revolving around her body. The glowing was a dark light came through her. she made a huge water ball and through it on the clouds. After this all the frozen revivers started traveling. All the glaciers came into their normal size. The track less ways got their sequence. Cause of the glowing dark light all the water of this place started glowing too. That view was majical and gloriously mysterious. Frozera also moderated the climate. All ice and snow was vanished. a nice and comfortable coldness was there. She can not made any people but she made so much animals which made this place like a cold paradise. Now its Thunderex turn. He jumped so high and at the top he made so much lightning bolts and through them to the ground. That grows up many thunder ttess and forests. In the end he came back to the ground and smashed all the lightning on the ground by punching it. After this so many living organisms came into being. They were so many in strength. After this Thunderex made a huge thick and power layer of thundering clouds that stops all the heat and dangers for Darklite. After this they all except Thunderex and Frozera as there king and queen. and finally thunderex named that place "THE DARKLITE KINGDOM OF THUNDER AND COLDNESS".After this a big problem was held that how all the people of Firex and Darklite meet together. And then something stranged happened



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