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I may be born into a rich family to enjoy my childhood.
But God decided my birth in a lower-middle-class family.
My dreams are not fulfilled, we stay in a small room and always feel hungry to enjoy the food of my like.
The dry roti of my tiffin box is always watching the sweet box of my friends.
My friends are always enjoying holidays in exotic locations, delicious food and luxurious resorts.
we spent our vacation in our uncle house and the muddy road of the village is always boring and frustrating.
My scholarship has given me entrance to a dream institute.
My retired father helplessly watched me with the hope of enjoying good days.
Now we are staying in a big house and having all the luxurious items.
My parents are very happy and always felt proud of me. 
My son is studying in the best school in the town. 
All his needs are a priority in my life.
I always keep him happy and satisfied with all his needs which were missed by me in my childhood. 
I spent many hours with my son, never bothered how much businesses hours are losing. 
Spending quality time is important for me other than wealth creation.
It's like the best blessings of my God for all my good work.
Me and my wife extremely happy to see our son is growing up 
Now my son is well built handsome young man.
Very attractive personality and charming.
After completing his education, he is now staying aboard.
Me and my wife helplessly watched our most luxurious home, imported car and fatty bank balance.
we are sufficiently rich now. 
But nothing is giving us satisfaction without our lovely son.
My son is not remembering us, 
he is not having value in the relationship.
As like me I always respect my parents,
My parents are helpless as they have not had sufficient money to provide me with good food, education and comfort in my childhood.
But they protect me like an organ of their own body.
Their love for me is nothing less than my God.
My bonding with my parents is infinite and crosses all physical limits.
No one teaches me to develop an inner sense to respect parents with love and care, it is something inherent and core of my heart. 
Now, what wrong has happened to me that my son does not have the same feeling for me?
All my success, all my wealth, all my comforts have no meaning, life without my relationship with my son, 
it's like standing on a desert and looking for water to quench the thirst.
It's pain to me when I look back on my past life.
Now I am old and losing all hopes and happiness in life,
The most valuable realisation that comes to me,
A relationship built with Child not by giving all needs and comforts 
it's surely the infinite love and sacrifices which parents do with all integrity towards the child,
A child born with a vacant mind, the bank of memory build-up by watching patents attitude and behavioural pattern in all circumstances.
It's like clay which shapes up in a physical structure by getting influences from all around.
Once build and stored in a child subconscious mind, it's permanent and has a long-lasting influence on personality, behavioural patterns and triggering emotions. 
I might have wrongly cultivated the seeds of negative emotions in the mind of my child which now grown with several branches.
I realised that I was happy when my family was starving, wealth might have taken my core values of life which is my cause of suffering.
My realisation is late and I am closing my eyes with a hope that in my next birth, May God bless me a wiser person so that in my last breath I could close my journey with a short smile.



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