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Whatever I go 
people see me 
like I’m the age 
of a teenager, 
some peoples 
treat me like other people 
some of them 
treat me like a child, 
do you think is easy for me? 
I’m the age of an adult 
nobody doesn’t believe 
whatever I say I’m an adult 
they think I can move on 
without you in my life, 
as you see 
this is not true 
this is not a phrase 
I can’t grow out of it, 
one of my parents think 
I can get better at it is not true either 
nobody knows this is a lifelong condition 
it only impacts me 
not improve it, 
if you know yourself, then why do you have to 
be so hard on me?
My life is the same 
as yours 
even though both of my 
parents didn’t experience 
same as both of your parents did, 
one of my parents 
experience the same 
as your mother did, 
she is an expert on medical health needs 
I just told her 
if you ever come back to me, 
she’ll treat you like 
she treats me, 
I have the same personal problem 
as you, it makes me understand you 
I just don’t know what to do, 
know how much you want me 
to move on with my life without you but, 
I have one family member 
who have a medical background 
she can help you with all your medical health needs, 
can you think about it? 
I do appreciate it if you do. 


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