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Rain poured more heavily then ever the sun isn't shining it's golden ray of light that fills the air with smiles and love it feels dismal and dull like there is nothing to be happy about.........Life.......Hm? 8:00am why does it feel like 10? I rolled over with a lazily groan not wanting to leave this bed last night felt like ages I can't believe my dad isn't my dad nothing hurts more than finding that information as I lay there drenched in tears and sweat My thoughts were Interupted by a familiar voice. "Celine Come downstairs for Breakfast" It's Jake calling from downstairs not wanting to get up but I have no choice what more should I do? They will get suspicious got to get up I forcefully headed downstairs with a fake smile.
"Hey Guys what's for breakfast?" I said hastily Jake smiled and replied,"Oh just eggs, Toast and Beacons with your favourite chocolate Tea" I smiled and sat adjacent to Ethan.Ethan smiled and we all sat down and ate breakfast. It was delicious after breakfast I sat there silently as my brothers prepared for work scrolling through my phone I saw a notification from ava it was a message.

Hey Girl I found out some information on your parents death from my dad was a cop back then when your parents passed he claimed that it was a mystery waiting to be discovered but the police didn't had any leads or clues or even hardcore Evidence to convict anyone isn't that something?.

Wait this can't be how can there be no evidence?
Something doesn't feel right what is really going on?
I have to get to the source of this I bid my brothers gooddbye and headed to my room I opened my dad's journal and read more.

This is another log it's been a week my wife has been colder than ever she wouldn't allow me to touch Celine or be near here......Celine is still my daughter maybe not by blood but I raised her,nobody else did what is wrong with Diana?
I feel Diana is losing her mind..........she thinks I don't know her plan to leave tonight but where will she take Celine? And the boys? I must confront her tonight.

Wait!? So is mom mentally ill or what?

Confronting her didn't go as planned she threaten me with a knife I'm at my last hope that she will hurt my kids I must protect them I have to they are my kids for sakes.

This is alot to take in let me try reading my mom's journal

Diana's Entry:
So he thinks he could just confront me?Well I will show him it won't be pretty he thinks I should listen to him?He is the reason our marriage is failing why can't he see that I'm not the problem he says I'm mentally sick I'm not I am intact with reality right now how dare he imply such accusations............I will show him but soon.

Ok so that didn't help mom just sounds crazy sorry to say I can't believe she went off like that anymore she could've ripped the book.
Why do I feel stuck?

*Phone Vibrates*
Huh?Oh A Message from Ava 

Great News I found some old files we can rummage through I will send you a picture and you can see if this helps.

*4 Attachments*
Hmmm.......Seems absurd wait this is my parents picture what's this?,"Mysterious Death Of Mr. and Mrs.McGregor"

News Article:
There is still no evidence behind the murder of Mr. And Mrs. McGregor Police are still Trying to investigate this Mysterious Death 3 kids were left behind.

But why leave behind 3 kids? 
If someone wanted them dead  why not kill the kids? Let's check the comments of those spectators.

This is a small town how can there be a serious murderer out there?

Seems like a Enemy Rage to me

A Lovers quarrel?

Maybe an affair with a secret lover?

These comments hit right on the spot this is so much as I sat there engaged in my train of thoughts it was suddenly broken by the front door opening I peaked out the window..........Ethan and Jake are home? I quickly panic and hid everything I heard from the staircase Ethan's voice,"Celine we're home!" I ran downstairs as fast as I can and greeted my brothers oh you're home early? Yeah we checked out early to spend time with you oh sweet I replied hesitantly,Damn it I muttered under my breathe looks like my research has to continue tomorrow great.angry and frustrated as I am I walked downstairs to the kitchen we sat down and ate lunch we chatted a bit about our day and as for the rest of the day we played basketball I won't lie it was fun getting to spend time with my brothers I haven't spent time with them forever it brought back alot of memories it was really delightful.
But sadly all fun things come to an abrupt end night has fallen so now it's time to go to bed as I crawled in my bed I couldn't help but think to myself where would my life be now if my parents were still alive? Hm? Guess I will never know right now my main focus is to solve this mystery then I will find closure for myself.


  • Ichi Go

    Ichi Go

    In quite a few spots there are breaks between thoughts and explanations, there should be a period or a comma between said breaks of thought.

    Feb 24, 2022

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