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She arrived May 6th 1988.
7lbs baby girl.
Red hair.
Green eyes.
To a family who could careless about her arrival.
For she was a birth control baby.
Simply a mistake to her own.
As a young child at the age of 4 a family friend took it upon himself to misuse her body.
This continues until she's 9.
Becoming a broken and unwanted teen.
She did whatever it took to get attention, regardless if it was good or bad.
At 12 she met what she thought was the "love" of her life.
Everything was good for the first year.
suddenly his hands did things that left her bruised and more broken than before.
Already having issues with trust and confusion about who's on her side and against her.
At the age of 15 she finds out she's 3 months pregnant.
Scared but excited she tells her other
when she sees him the following weekend. While doing his laundry he "accidentally" pushes her down the stairs.
Rushing to the hospital she loses her first child.
So many emotions she felt at one time.
She lost apart of herself with no one to express her hurt, pain, and heartbreak to.
Just adding on to the pain from her childhood trauma.
She faced everything alone.
Sadly she didn't learn her lesson.
She failed to leave him and carried many more beatings and more abuse.
Being mentally, physically, and emotionally abused.
When she was 17 she learned she was pregnant yet again.
A handsome blonde hair
blue eyed little boy!
A true blessing from above.
Having a big choice to make.
It was stay with this man and let her son be raised seeing his mom be abused or take her son out of that situation.
She tried to make it work for the first few months.
He just wouldn't change not even for his own child .
So goodbye she said and started raising her son on her own.
She caught many battles almost losing her son several times from sickness. 
She still kept her head up and remained strong for her son.
At 20 she met someone new. 
Thinking he could be the one.
It was great in the beginning.
They became pregnant.
This time a brown hair green eyed beautiful baby girl.
Shortly after she arrived they got married.
Feeling as if her life was complete.
Only to start feeling alone.
No affection.
No Attention.
Confused on if it was her or he was falling out of love with her or just not attracted to her any longer.
She ended up having an affair.
One of the biggest mistakes she'd made.
He was a young man.
Much younger than she.
Got her on drugs.
Raped her 
Stole her car and everything she owned.
Made her scared of everything and everyone.
Mentally ruining her life.
Within a year or two he took much more than her mind.
He made her lose her home, kids, husband, family, everything. 
More depressed than shed ever been.
She made a choice to take her life.
A failed attempt.
Now she lives alone. 
Living out of a vehicle.
With no one there at all.
Wanting to just be noticed and held.
To Honestly feel true love for once.
To have someone she can truly trust


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