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Brick by brick, the words are laid.
Layer for layer, not another phrase erased.
Wall to wall, my minds been made.
I've grown sick of living so damn afraid. 

Here I go, I won't act a fool.
Found my rhythm, a tool I've got to use.
I can hear it, vibrating around my soul.
I'm not dying, so I say cheers to no more self-abuse.

Don't tear down the walls, just get the sledge, I've gotta keep at least one door.
Now I know I've said it, several times before, I never got through anything alone, so I drew a line, and now here I am staring at my floor, not making another useless excuse for the way I was. I'm thinking clearly, going through this change, and it feels quite hella strange, because I was told I didn't have that range, and I used to agree, but right now I'm saying fuck all that pain, right here and now is where I don't come out the same. 


  • Outstanding! 💜

    Feb 20, 2022

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