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Little girl, years are just a number. 
Yesterday you ran for butterflies,
Today you want to have me as your lover. 

Big girl, it's hard for you to untie
Your warm veins that keep
My love insane inside you.

Caught in that cage,
Let me cut the rope that keeps you
In the same place -
Away from me physically.

My dear girl,  no one wants us together,
While I thought the rain would stop,
The storm's symphony invited me.

Hold my hand tight and breathe
Your life into my lungs.
  Girl, age is just a number,
Yesterday I was a stranger to you,
Today I share my whole life and rules.

Girl, even if you are 30 years old,
Be a child and invite into your little world,
My heart is ageless.
  Your heart is ageless too.


  • Feb 19, 2022

  • Clara Pennoni

    Clara Pennoni


    Feb 20, 2022

  • Feb 28, 2022

  • Wow, it's soo beautiful when I read it, it calmed my heart down made me relax and listen to my heart to follow my dreams.

    Mar 04, 2022

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