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   Ever try to understand her
  She is a beautiful feeling, she deserves all the happiness of the house, she is no one else, she is a girl.
 She has dreams too, life is hers too, she wants to live it.
 It is not so easy to be a girl, 
Everyone say that she is father angel, but if she try to fly. So the circle is made for her
 Can't go out at late night, can't wear clothes of her choice. Really she Doesn't  have the right to know what she have to wear or not, 
If she talks to a boy, fingers are raised on her character .
Is it good to raise finger on her why?
 That one girl has many characters.
 When she was a little girl, the right belonged to her parent
 When she  became a wife ,
after marriage. the right belonged to his husband.
 When she became a mother, she gave all her   rights to their children.
 She has hidden many things in her heart.
 She will spread the small matter completely, but when the heart is broken, she will hide it from everyone.
 Sometimes father also speaks to her with love, "she is not  my daughter she is my son ." Let her remain a daughter, man
give her as much right as the son has.
 Even today, she is afraid to walk on the streets at late  night.
 The girl is unable to talk with a loud voice, the pallu should not fall from the head, she can't go out and do her job.
 Now is the time to change, she will fly in the open sky ,she will wear clothes that she likes, if needed be, she will talk in a loud voice.  Don't try to change her .
It's time to change your mentality .


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    Feb 19, 2022

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