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I can see the world
I can see myself in it
It's all about what you want
So you have to reap it quick
My skin is black,am an African child

My skin is black,a color of love
A color of supreme
Full of blessings and luck 
All I know is win
My ways are tamed ,I give no blame
My hair is black,tight curls and kinks
My round eyes with a black pupil
Full attracted to the attention of kings
My skin is black, am an African child

My culture is my wealth too
It is in me ,I let the world understand it
Even the perfect ones get fracture
It's better they understand the truth
They move with the wave ,we set trends
My skin is black am an African child

My land is full of blessings and abundance
It's from creation, received from the Almighty power
Full of rivers and streams
Uphill and downhills
The wild and the tamed nature
The endless radiant sky
Different season, different pleasure
Am in different places ,in different weather
That's the African treasure
My skin is black am an African child

Meet the white man's child
His skin complexion is different
His eyes blue, they look different too
Brown eyes resembling an African calabash
My skin is black am an African child

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  • Feb 16, 2022

  • Soulful

    Feb 16, 2022

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